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The Columbus Folk Fest is featuring an Art Show & Contest with three separate events: a Plein Air contest named “Paint Texas History”, an “Exhibition & Sale” & a “Quick Draw &  Auction” .  This will be held on & around the grounds of the newly renovated Colorado County Courthouse in the town square of historic Columbus, Texas.

Columbus Paint Out, “Paint Texas History!”
Plein Air painting is a traditional outdoors style of painting. In the “Columbus Paint-Out”, participating artists will have two weeks (Oct 20 - Nov 2) to paint century old live oaks, historic buildings or other subjects within the Columbus area. These paintings will be judged by professional artist Ken Turner on Nov 3rd.

“Exhibition and Sale”: Nov. 3rd, 9am to 6pm
Competing works from the Columbus Paint Out will be displayed and for sale on the Courthouse Square.  

Awards: (displayed November 3rd at 5pm)
First $1,000
Second $500
Third $250

  • Non-refundable Entry fee: $35 for up to 3 entries

–$5.00 per each additional entry

  • Make check payable to: Columbus Folk Fest

Oct. 20 - Nov. 2............... Participation & Verification of Plein Air

Oct. 10............................. Digital submission of Studio paintings

Oct. 20 - Nov 2.................................. Delivery of artwork/panels

NOVEMBER 3.......................................... Art Show & Contest

Nov. 5 - Nov. 15..................................... Pick-up & Return of Art

Columbus Paint Out “Painting Texas History” is open to any artist using plein air technique in all fine art mediums.  Work submitted should reflect the best quality of your plein air painting. In the spirit of plein air and to “level the field of competition, we ask that all art be completed in the field (no studio touch-up). Artists must agree to paint a minimum 2days (or sessions) on location during the official 14 day painting period, October 20th through November 2, 2012. Canvas, board or paper must be authenticated prior to painting.

•    Artists will check in art during the two week painting period by first bringing panels (along with submission form) to Columbus at which point officials will initial and date the panel at the beginning of the day.   Please call one of the officials listed below to insure prompt authentication on the day you plan to paint.

•   At the end of the day artist will bring the  panels to an official to authenticate that it was painted en plein air. 

•   Officials will keep a digital record of competitors & submissions.

•   Final panels must be ready to hang.

•   Size may not exceed 16" x 20"

Ken Turner of New Ulm, Texas
Cash prizes for Columbus Paint Out Plein Air Competition are:

– First Place: $1000

– Second Place: $500

– Third Place: $250

“Quick Draw & Auction”
Artists will compete in a 3 hour “Quick Draw” competition.  Total of entry fees will be presented as prize money.  Entry fee is $25.00.  

Artists may paint anything or anyone in any medium within a 2 block radius of the Colorado County Courthouse or in Beason’s Park.

“Quick Draw” Schedule
  • 9:30am - Registration and authentication of panels will begin
  • 10:45 - Contestants must be registered and have panels authenticated
  • 11:00am - Starting gun.
  • 3:00pm - submissions must be delivered to “Quick Draw Headguarters”
  • 5:00pm - winners to be announced

“Quick Draw” Rules
  • Artists will not be able to setup ahead of time.  
  • Painters will be at starting line at 11:00am
  • all panels must be signed by a Columbus Paint Out official
  • submissions must be turned in to Quick Draw headquarters at Creation Station, 512 Spring Street by 3:00pm by the official clock at Creation Station.
  • Officials will have chits that the artist can pick up in between 2 and 3:00pm to verify that they were back at Head Quarters by deadline.
  • no late submissions will be accepted.  
  • All decisions of the judge will be final

  • The officials reserve the right to refuse any work deemed in poor taste. 
  • Artists grant permission to reproduce artwork for publicity of future contests. 50% of profits for all reproduction sales will be utilized for funding of future contests with the other 50% going to the artist.  Permission to reproduce and sell reproductions is considered granted unless otherwise stated in writing by the artist.
  • Space will be available for artists’ promotional material  in the Exhibit tent.  Artist must supply promotional material.
  • Sales from the exhibition will be encouraged.  There will be a 35% commission on any sales during the exhibit (10% to the Live Oak Art Center and 25% to the Columbus Folk Fest) with 65% going to the artist.  Checks for exhibit sales will be made out to the artist. 
  • Images of prize winning submissions will be used for promotion of future contests and Columbus Folk Fest events.  In addition, officials may choose other work for reproduction/sale whether it places or not.
  • Submission of entries constitutes agreement to the considerations set forth above.

  1. *Amanda Danning.................. 979-863-2979;
  2. Jennifer Newman.................979-733-7585:
  3. Tommy Trouchard........... 979-732-8398;
  4. Katherine West................ 281-797-5515;
*Contact Amanda for further information regarding contest.
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