Kate Upton fitnesss and diet program uncovered

Kate Upton turned 24 years old a couple of days ago but still appears younger than this. Although she occasionally enjoys a class of wine with her friends, she sticks to a strict diet and workout regimen.

Kate has strained consistent energy building training program organized by her trainer Ben Bruno. Bruno has scheduled one to two hours workout five times in a week. The task is aimed at strength training that uses hip thrusts, crawls, lunges and weight lifting. This has kept her more fit through weight loss.

She also limits sugar in her diet. Upton like anybody else fears the dangers of excess sugar in her body. She has vowed to avoid limit sugar intake in her pre wedding diet. Sugar rich food such as chocolate, candies and processed baked goods may be given least consideration in her meals.

Her diet also stresses on the importance of high intake of vegetables and fruits with a low percentage of proteins which is mainly sourced from her favorite meals; turkey and chicken salad. Other favorite meals for Upton are kale salad with grilled salmon, scrambled eggs with chicken and quinoa with grilled vegetables. All these food have no sugar and that is how simple she avoids sugar rich food. She also takes wine or Tequila only once in a week.

It is undoubted therefore that if Upton carries on with her fitness program she will be in a nice during a wedding where she weds Justin Verlander. Upton being a model therefore challenges me and you to adopt such a wonderful fitness and diet program.

Emily Ratajkowski wears her stunning Vogue T-shirt

When you happen to land on the Vogue cover magazine, it calls for a unique memento- like organizing for your cover photo to be printed on a t-shirt. When Emily Ratajkowski got her uniquely designed graphic t-shirt, she did not waste any time sharing it on Instagram, and we know the reason why.

The image is a precise copy of her Vogue Germany magazine cover, where she appears absolutely stunning. The gone girl actress’, was so proud of her Vogue Germany magazine cover when she shared her picture on Instagram on Tuesday, July 11, dressed in the top with rolled up sleeves decorated with the broadened image.

The model is among the five stars (Stella Maxwell, Lily Aldridge, Irina Shayk and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) selected for Vogue’s August 2016 cover, and it looks as if Emily was not the only model gifted with a unique t-shirt. Huntington-Whiteley and Maxwell also took a picture in their respective t-shirts on July 12.

While Huntington-Whiteley wore hers with a pair of ??acid-wash jeans’ and gold necklaces, Stella Maxwell, wore hers proudly and then took a dip in the pool and then emerged with the wet t-shirt, while Emily decided to pair her t-shirt with a pair of denim bottoms. Vogue is giving away some of these unique t-shirts through a contest and surely our eyes are on Emily t-shirt.

This comes days after the 25-year-old brunette kept up with appearances as she dressed in a low cut top during one of her days out in New York City. She was also dressed in classic black and cream look for her present-day view on a ’90s-inspired look. Indeed the In Darkness actress is an iconic fashion model.


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